Invitae to add to pediatric and neurology offerings

We listened to your requests and are pleased to announce that in December we will be adding 27 new diagnostic panels and updating 19 current panels for pediatric and neurologic conditions.

With this latest expansion of test offerings, Invitae provides clinicians, patients, and managed care partners with high-quality information across a wide variety of hereditary conditions.

Highlights from the upcoming release include:

  • Strong expansion of our test offerings in pediatric genetics, developmental disorders, overgrowth syndromes, skeletal disorders, and ophthalmology
  • Incorporation of new genes based on the latest scientific evidence in epilepsy, RASopathies (Noonan spectrum disorders), and ciliopathies
  • Two new categories, dermatology and immunology

We will also enhance ordering flexibility by consolidating seven clinical areas which previously covered disparate rare disease groups into a single area. Tests that previously required multiple specimens and at additional cost can now be ordered on a single specimen at a single price.

Invitae’s mission is to expand access to high-quality, comprehensive genetic testing to everyone who can benefit from it. Our goal is to ensure that every clinician and patient has the tools they need to find answers. With new and updated panels, we hope that more patients will receive the best treatments for their conditions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Client Services.