Lower patient-pay price: $250

We’ve lowered our patient-pay panel price from $475 to $250.

Invitae’s mission is to make high-quality genetic testing affordable and accessible to everyone who needs it. Today we’ve taken another step forward on behalf of patients.

To help patients who do not meet coverage policies for testing, have high-deductible plans, or aren’t covered by insurance, we’ve lowered the cost.

Our patient-pay price is now $250 per clinical area for panel and single-gene testing.

The new pricing is available for all panel orders placed on or after January 24, 2018.
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Thank you for joining us in improving healthcare for billions of people.

It is important to note that Invitae requires patients to go through their healthcare provider to order a test. Healthcare professionals are fundamental to ordering the right test for the right patient and in interpreting genetic information.