Major expansion of metabolic disorders & newborn screening and immunology offerings

Invitae is excited to announce the launch of 80 new and 24 expanded genetic test panels, centered on our metabolic disorders & newborn screening and immunology clinical areas.

The panels provide clinicians, patients, and payers greater flexibility to access high-quality, affordable genetic information across a larger number of metabolic disorders and newborn screening options as well as immunological disorders, all at the same price. Results are provided quickly, within 14 days on average.

Highlights of this expansion include:

  • Comprehensive coverage of both common and rare lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs)
  • Expanded metabolic newborn screening confirmation panel that includes X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy, LSDs, and acidemias
  • New treatable neurometabolic disorders panel to enable early diagnosis
  • New panels covering peroxisomal, neurotransmitter, glycogen storage, and other rare metabolic disorders
  • New panels covering primary immunodeficiencies and other immunological disorders

All new and updated panels are available to order online or using a paper order form.