Are you missing patients who need genetic testing?

It’s national hereditary breast & ovarian cancer week.
Are you ensuring that all patients who qualify for genetic testing get it?

  • An estimated 1.2 to 1.3 million women in the US with breast or ovarian cancer who qualified for genetic testing failed to receive it1
  • More than 85% of patients with breast cancer and 80% of patients with ovarian cancer never even discussed genetic testing with their physician1  
  • Yet testing can uncover actionable findings, leading to a significant change in clinical management2,3

Invitae makes genetic testing easy:

Consult with experts
Call board-certified genetic counselors on-demand to review patient cases, differentiate between test options, and aid in interpreting results
Genetic counseling
Patients can consult with a genetic counselor at no additional charge, including comprehensive post-test counseling sessions
A simple and secure tool helps identify patients appropriate for testing using an automated survey, choose the appropriate test, and more

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